Who is e.b.a?

It's all in the family

The women who make up the e.b.a brand

The e.b.a ladies 

The name "eba totes" was created by combining the first letters of the names of myself, my mother and my sister's names - Emmaly, Barbara, and Ashley. The name "eba" - pronounced by listing the three letters "e, b, a" - is a symbol of strength in both family and women in business. Read more below to hear who the ladies of eba totes are. 

The owner and E of eba

E: Emmaly 

I am the owner and designer of eba totes. I am the youngest of my family and the single "working girl." I love to create art, whether its food, visual art, or bags! 

I never thought I would own a tote business, but as they say, "Go with your gut." Taking risks is a part of life and learning the in's and out's of running this brand has been a huge challenge and an amazing personal experience. I continue to maintain my day job while hoping that one day eba totes will grow large enough to become my main gig.  

What do I use my eba tote for? 

"I use my eba tote for everything. I use it as a purse and a gym bag, work bag, travel bag, and grocery bag. Having a single bag that can be used for multiple purposes is the reason why I designed eba totes. I simply couldn't find a bag that was all bags in one so I made one!"


the B in eba totes

B: Barbara 

The matriarch of the family. Barbara is a go-getter who has an abundance of energy and is constantly redesigning the family home, teaching work out classes, traveling, and supporting eba totes! 

Barbara has a very cool job. Through a city run program she arranges all inclusive trips all over the world. She schedules fun tours, cooking classes, and wonderful experiences for every trip. Best part, she gets to travel too!! Her new joy is spending time with her 1 year old granddaughter!! The essence of Barbara is she is hard working and never stops moving. She has always taught her daughters that the key to success is hard work and perseverance.

What does she use her eba tote for? 

"As a travel bag. Its roomy, the two compartment make organizing easy, and it still fits under the airline seat!"

the A in eba

A: Ashley 

The oldest sister. Ashley is the marketing guru and the content queen!! Her history working in online retail marketing makes her a key asset on the eba team. As the eldest sister she has always been the first in life experiences, but working with her sister on the eba business has created a shared life experience and a new sibling bond. 

Currently she is very busy with her 1 year old daughter Nellie. There is simply not enough time in the day to take enough cute photos of her, but she tries. 

What does she use her eba tote for? 

"A traveling diaper bag. It's so roomy I  can fit everything I need for a trip and more, and the waterproof lining gives me peace of mind regarding all the spills that come from diaper bag life!" 


At eba totes we represent a small piece of the many faces of women.