All eba tote features a waterproof lining and multiple compartments for versatility and organization.                              

Functionality is Key

When I designed eba totes functionality and versatility was what I wanted to highlight. In my personal life I experienced owning tote bags that were stylish but not functional. And I would find myself digging endlessly for misplaced items and found it frustrating when I needed two bags to keep my personal items separate from my "other" items for work, gym or travel. Plus the worry of spills and possible damage if I ever stored any liquids.

These design issues were resolved by using a waterproof lining and having multiple functional compartments for storage and organization.


All totes feature two large compartments designed to store multiple items, even large 15" laptop, and a middle divider to keep the two compartments separate. One compartment features a large 11" pocket with a magnetic snap to store a tablet, keys, phone, etc and a large zipper pocket for additional storage. The second section has a wide 2" elastic bottle holder in the corner to store multiple sized bottles. All totes are lined with a waterproof material to prevent damaging your tote from any spills and the divider will prevent the liquid from damaging your goods in the other compartment.

                                      Sustainability is my mission 

eba totes features high quality sustainable materials and is crafted in the USA

We only have one planet and being eco-friendly has always been a key aspect in my life. I made sure to choose fabrics that were sustainable and vegan. The faux leather is made by Ultrafabrics, a company that highlights sustainable standards both in manufacturing and materials. They are Greenguard Certified and utilizes a method of recycling and reuse in their manufacturing process. The quality is also unmatched. Unlike most PVC and some PU faux leathers this does not have a hard plastic faux feel. This vegan leather is soft and buttery that feels comfortable on your body but durable enough to resist mildew, water, and stains.
The waterproof lining is made from a recycled nylon, creating less energy to manufacture compared to raw nylon, and it utilizes the sustainability of recycling a material that would otherwise be discarded to a landfill.
My weaved bags are a combination of 100% linen and blends. Linen is a more sustainable fabric that uses less chemicals and energy to produce. And I am excited to use more weaved materials that are recycled and organic, making future lines feature only sustainable materials.
I have always highlighted that we can do better. The goal is to make each new production of eba totes more sustainable and zero waste, while highlighting new exciting materials that are innovated, earth friendly, vegan.

                                             Manufactured in the USA

Hand Crafted in the USA, following strict ethical and quality standards.

In order to keep the tote bags as hand crafted and high quality as possible, staying in the USA for manufacturing was a must. I utilize a small manufacture that takes pride in creating the highest quality bags while making sure to follow strict ethical guidelines.
I plan on continuing to keep the production of eba totes small to make sure the quality never falters, and to give customers confidence they are buy a tote that makes sustainability, quality, and ethical a top priority.