Why I made it my mission to create a sustainable tote bag

Why sustainability?

July 05, 2017 0 Comments


Why is eba totes sustainable

With all the good in new technology and scientific developments, a lot of bad came with it as well. With the excitement of disposable plastic, fast fashion, and the overall industrialization of our world, we kind of lost our way. But now we have a choice. As consumers we can choose to try and revert the harms we have created by purchasing items that will do less harm to our world, or we keep pushing forward in the destructive path of waste and sustainable products. Thankfully, we seem to be seeing the light. 

In nature, a perfect zero waste system was created, and some how we as humans became the ultimate disrupter of that system. We got swept up in the high of creating amazing inventions, yet not thinking of the long term effects of them. Things like disposable goods became a revelation, low cost! Convenient! But no one stopped to think, hmm this item is so durable, it will take 1,000 years to decompose. But we pressed on in creating more and more things that were great for our now busy and fast paced life, but harmful to the only planet we have.

But it's no surprise, we thought the ocean was a vast untouchable body that we could never overfish or pollute from dumping toxins into. How could be possibly take all the earth's land, there is so much land! Yet now we see that yes, after decades of reckless abandonment that we indeed can do damage to this great big thing we call home. 

There is now another side to this story. People who are witnessing the destructive habits we have had over the decades are flipping the switch to creating sustainable products and I wanted to be apart of that moment, hence the creation of eba totes. 

Sure you can buy a big tote anywhere, but what is it made of? Who made it? Will it do more harm to our world? I wanted to be able to answer all those questions and provide a nice bag in the process. 

I have strived to make a tote that not only will be less harmful to the earth but take on the same ecological zero waste aspects as well. I want to produce the bags solely on renewable energy, I want all the scraps to be donated or repurposed, and I want to use 100% eco friendly or recycled materials. And I want to know that the people making my bags have a job that pays them well and provides them a full prosperous life. It's a big dream but I believe this is the only way to undo the harm we have caused. Replace the common goods we all love with options that are sustainable, non-toxic, and decomposable. 

And more and more companies are showing that this is possible, and more and more people are buying from those companies. Using their money to cast their vote that they want more of these earth friendly products. That makes me hopeful to see more customers ask those important and necessary questions. 

Eba totes is a small step to all the major changes we need to make, but one small step is sometimes all it takes. So customers know this. When you buy an eba tote you are buying into a more sustainable and ethical future. You are buying into a design that might not change the world, but can be a little stepping stone into making the world better. You are buying into a women's dream of the perfect sustainable tote bag.

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