Natalie sporting her favorite travel and school tote

The travel tote of your dreams: Natalie' Story

May 29, 2017 0 Comments



Natalie sporting the Whiskey toteAs a full time student and part time airline employee my days are constantly busy.  I go to school Monday through Thursday and work Friday through Sunday. Throughout all my busy days I'm always carrying around school supplies, lunches, work clothes etc. I've used backpacks to carry my crazy load between school and work, but it’s pain when you need to grab something quickly, plus they don't look as cute as a purse!  What I really wanted was a cute, comfortable, durable bag that would fit my everyday needs. 

I was so excited when Emmaly gave me one of her eba totes right before I felt for my trip to Guam.  When traveling I always have to look nice because I represent the airline I work for.  Without trying my eba tote goes with any outfit and it's convenient when I need to grab my ID or boarding pass quickly.  Instead of having to rummage through a backpack or suitcase I can quickly grab whatever I need for travel.  Also the bag fits perfectly in the compartment under the seats on the plane!

For school I can always fit everything I need in a single bag.  My books, binder, and my laptop all fit easily! Even better, it always matches with whatever I'm wearing that day. It never fails, I get so many compliments on my bag all the time. Beyond just looking great, with the built in water bottle holder I also never worry about my drinks spilling all over my books.  The durable inner material allows me to keep my lunches and drinks in one pocket and all my books in another without worrying about anything getting damaged if I had a leak or a spill. 

I love my eba tote not just for school and travel, but I can use it for any occasion!  I take it to the beach, grocery store, and gym. In all my daily activities I carry the bag everywhere.  

Finally a bag thats affordable, practical and durable. Thanks Emmaly for allowing me to be an eba tote bag ambassador!!!!

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