For the working woman: Nallely's story

For the working woman: Nallely's story

May 29, 2017 0 Comments


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What are some of the features you love most about eba totes?
What I adore most about the bag is how versatile it is. It’s so easy to use for work, shopping, gym, and going on a trip. I can pack anything that I need from food to clothes and everyday necessities without having to worry about spilling or having to carry more than one bag for each purpose.

Where do you use the bag the most?

I use it mostly for work, since I do have a work laptop that I have to make sure doesn’t make contact with my water bottle or lunch, so having a divider keeps my laptop from any harm. Also being able to put my gym clothes in my bag is super convenient - instead of juggling two bags I can toss my work and gym items in a single bag, keeping everything organized in different compartments.

What makes an eba tote different than other purses you’ve owned?

It's all in one bag! Not having to worry about carrying a work bag, laptop bag, lunch bag, gym bag, or grocery bag everyday is super convenient!! A ton of the hassle is alleviated by being able to place items for different tasks throughout my day into a single purse.

Do the two compartments help or hinder you?

It definitely helps me having different compartments! You can't never have too many dividers or pockets in one bag since it helps to keep everything organized.

What are the most common items you are putting in your eba tote?

For me the most common items in my bag currently are my work laptop, lunch, gym clothes (clean!), and everyday necessities - for example my wallet. My eba tote is always full of items, but I never feel that I can't carry it, can’t find something, or that my bag is too heavy. The bag surprisingly has a nice balance, even when it’s stuffed to the brim!      

Tell me an experience (if you have one) where the waterproof lining was useful.

Well the first day I used my eba tote, my company had a sale of all their products... I was so excited that I put my water bottle in the bag, thinking it was closed. But, while shopping I went to get my wallet and realized that the water bottle spilled in the bag and had left a significant puddle. I was mortified since it was my first day as an eba tote ambassador using the bag! I moved everything over to the second “dry” compartment and continued shopping, planning to sop up the spilled water when I was done. About 30 minutes later when I was done shopping I check the bag and the puddle of water from my spill was gone! The pocket had dried and no water had leaked from one side to the other where my wallet and purse items remained dry and safe! I was so pleased that the bad had helped me survive a possible sale catastrophe.  


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