Some simple tips to use less plastic during Plastic Free July

It's Plastic Free July, now what?

July 07, 2017 0 Comments

Plastic is everywhere, from single use water bottles to the phones and computers we use, heck for a little while we were scrubbing it on our face! But this month is plastic free July so you can't use plastic AT ALL! That is a little overwhelming, even today I recycled a plastic disposable item and the guilt washed over me ten fold. But plastic free July is not to instill the mother of all guilt, it's to make you more aware of this every common but harmful product and maybe to use a little less of it. There are some basic switches anyone can do to celebrate this plastic free month but maybe to also continue in the months to come. 

Reusable bottles:

Yah yah super common, i'm sure you even have a nice nalgene bottle that you use around the house, gym, or office. But remember that iced coffee you got, what was that contained in.. Now you probably wont use your nalgene for an iced latte but there are tons of great reusable iced coffee cups that you can bring to any cafe to get your fix, you might even save some money :0. The perk, you can be plastic free both with the cup and the straw, and you can use it to make iced beverages at home. 

Eco Friendly coffee tumbler

Cute custom iced coffee tumbler from KeepCup

Reusable Bags:

Seriously Emmaly I know I need to use reusable bags, I already use them! ** sighs, huge eye rolls** Ok but what about the bags you put your veggies and fruit in. Now if your shopping at whole foods or other higher end organic food stores you will more then likely find the compostable bags but you have to make sure to throw them in your compose bin or green can. If you get reusable fruit and veggie bags you never have to worry. They are relatively inexpensive and can be easily stored in your bag whenever you head to the store.

natural home reusable veggie bags

Natural Home reusable veggie bags 

Bring your own utensils:

Store the basic spoon, knife, and fork in case you might go out to eat. Like a coffee shop you forget that a causal eating spot may serve you only disposable utensils so be prepared and bring your own!

I have seen a lot of hard core zero wasters create a "kit" that they take with them where ever they go. It allows you to be both spontaneous and plastic free! 

The final Plastic Free July tip, go glass.

For storing food, for spray bottles, if you need to store it, just use glass. Glass can be recycled over and over again without losing purity and is considered 100% recyclable [Source:] If all else fails, glass is the way to go.

glass storage jars

Glass storage jars


These are just some simple tips to use during your plastic free July, and hopefully at the end of this month you will want to continue the journey of living with just a little less.

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