The perfect tote for moms: Kim's Story

The perfect tote for moms: Kim's Story

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Kim and Piper with the shiitake tote

With my first two kids, diaper bags were never “purse like”, your only option was a backpack diaper bag because there hadn't yet been the “hip mom movement" of women having kids and also having great jobs. The floral prints you also find on most diaper bags weren't for me and I wanted something that could be used as a diaper bag but also felt, and looked like an everyday purse. Eventually I purchased a backpack diaper bag due to the comfort and convenience when it came to traveling and carrying my youngest daughter.

I'm a little OCD, so normally I would want one bag for Piper and one bag for myself, but I was really having a problem with having the backpack as a diaper bag and a separate purse for myself. I remember telling my husband that it was becoming a problem having two bags,  and that I just wish I could have a diaper bag that looked like a purse where I could store both my daughter's needs as well as my own.

This is exactly why I really like using an eba tote as a diaper bag - it's just one big bag! With the two different compartments I can keep my purse items on one side and my diaper bag essentials on the other, and with the waterproof lining I know any messes and spills will be contained. 


COMPARTMENTS - Another thing that is frustrating for me about traditional diaper bags is they have so many different pockets and sections. With the eba tote I have my bag divided evenly in two sections - one for all my purse needs, and the other for items for my daughter. Reaching into the bag I know instantly which section contains my things and know where to turn quickly to grab that clean diaper or quick snack. Other moms might like the multiple sections because you can compartmentalize but I find that it becomes too difficult, you just get lost constantly taking things in and out of the bag. Eba totes simplifies the issue. 

STRAPS - Another pet peeve I have about "traditional" diaper bags are the straps. With an eba tote the straps are wide enough to distribute weight, and the vegan leather is incredibly soft - even when you have a lot of items in the bag. I hate the bags that have extremely long straps because when you are carrying a baby, coffee, or something else you can't easily reach in and grab an item. You need the straps of your diaper bag to be comfortable when you are juggling mom-life, and the eba tote strap’s length and material allows it to distribute weight evenly and it doesn't hurt my shoulder no matter what I've got inside.

WATERPROOF INTERIOR - As well, the waterproof lining in an eba tote is super great - I have even tested it with a little bit of water. With confidence I can throw dirty clothes in it, wipes, or diapers and it has been great because the lining is durable and I know that the inside of my bag isn't going to get ruined. In the four months I have used the bag the lining has held up to everything I've thrown at it! 

TRAVEL - Recently I traveled to Wisconsin with my daughter and only being able to take one carry-on, the eba tote became my purse, diaper bag and carry-on with all travel necessities in one place. When I travel I want to look semi decent - I mean you don't want to look like a complete slug - so having a bag that could hold all the necessary items and actually look like just a normal purse was perfect. Soon I plan on taking a trip to Colorado and I definitely plan on using my eba tote since once you get to your destination, you just take all the extra travel items out and it goes back to being your everyday diaper bag/purse. 

DOULA BAG - Working as a doula I have to bring a lot of stuff with me: change of clothes, snacks, water, phone, charger etc. An eba tote is large enough for all the doula essentials I need, I even put one of my client’s placenta in the bag once!!!! The two compartments are great because I can put items I don't need right during the birth on one side, and the other side has the items that I need on hand.


As a mom, you always have extra stuff to carry, and even when Piper is older I will still use the bag to carry an extra change of clothes and snacks, and other items like notebooks or reading books. I'm proof that an eba tote works as the perfect multi-function bag - the diaper bag plus purse shuffle is a real problem for the average mom, and an eba tote is the perfect solution to an everyday mom problem. 

I can't wait for eba totes to launch to the public so I can snag myself another pattern and see my friends snagging themselves an amazing bag for themselves as well! 

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