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Sustainably Chic with her vegan and fabric indigo tote

Sustainable Chic

"No more carrying around several bags to separate your day out - the eba tote is perfect for groceries, travel, the gym, diapers... you get the point ;) Besides being multi purpose, this tote is one of the first to contain a waterproof compartment. That's right! No need to worry about those inventible spills or wet bathing suits we throw in from the day at the beach."

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The Naked Flora

"The vegan leather that makes up the exterior of the bag is Unbelievably soft, as in, when it arrived, I couldn’t believe my fingers…so I rubbed it on my face. It’s THAT soft."

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The Naked Flora with her vegan leather whiskey tote
Paperclips and pacis with her vegan leather indigo tote

Paperclips and Pacis

"This bag is amazing! First of all, it’s HUGE! You can fit SO much in it! As a mom of two boys, it’s been wonderful having one bag that can hold all of their stuff and some of mine so I don’t have to lug around a diaper bag and a purse."

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Accidental Olympian

"Basically, if you’re a mom, or soon to be mom and you are feeling like your everyday diaper bag just isn’t cutting it with the loads of crap you need to haul around, then all your problems can be solved with an eba tote"

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The accidental Olympian with her vegan leather uccello tote
Busy little izzy with her vegan leather indigo tote

Busy Little Lizzy

"They are very well made and simple perfect for work, travel, the beach, a picnic or even as a diaper bag."

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Fashion Veggie

"It checked every requirement off my list, and I’ve been collecting compliments from my coworkers and travel buddies ever since."

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Fashion veggie with her vegan leather whiskey tote
The mama journey with her vegan leather uccello tote

Mama Journey

"Bringing it all together and providing a sense of balance. I.e. work & date night, yoga & work, a perfect weekender (the two sides could even be split for His & Hers if you travel light), or mom & baby. Not a diaper bag for baby and then an additional purse for mom, but one bag serving both purposes without being a chaotic mess."

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